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Director of Piano Studies at KSU

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I’m thrilled to announce that after an exhaustive national search, I have been chosen to become the new Director of the Piano Department at Kennesaw State University, with the rank of Assistant Professor!

Kennesaw State University is one of the 50 largest public universities in the United States.

We have an outstanding team of professors and performers at KSU. If you’d like to schedule an audition or trial lesson, please contact me at




Summer of ’81

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A surprised, seven-year-old Robert Henry upon seeing his piano for the first time.

A surprised, seven-year-old Robert Henry upon seeing his
piano for the first time.

It had been two long weeks since I’d been home.  I was worn out from summer camp in the mountains of Toccoa, GA.  Rafting, hiking, swimming, baseball, generally goofing off – it was a seven year old boy’s dream.  But that’s not what I remember about the summer of 1981.

Her timing was perfect.  She waited patiently while I unpacked my backpack from the trip.  She watched me lazily sort my laundry and shake the pebbles from my shoes.  And she was silently ready with the camera.  My mother then took the best photograph a mother could possibly take.

I remember the moment when I first saw the piano, my brand new Everett upright piano.  It was pure joy.  All I could do was rush to the piano and begin to play.  The rest is history.

This holiday season, consider giving your child a piano.




Welcome to the NEW!!

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My summer ’08 was one of anticipation and focus.  Each day has been a step towards a major refresh of my career.  From new headshots, a new manager, updated website, updated press kit, online calendar of performances (yay!), completion of my Doctorate from UMD, to a debut CD project (to be released Spring 2009), I hope we can all agree that exciting things are happening.


  • MP3 player! Built into the site! Just hit play and enjoy some music for a few hours. You can also launch it in a separate window. If you like a particular track, you can download it. All free. Very cool.
  • Calendar!  I had a calendar on my old site, but it took forever to edit anything. I’ll be updating my performances as they roll in.
  • Blog.  I write words. You read them.  You write words.  I read them.  (Yes, you can contribute, too!  Add a comment!) RSS feed enabled!
  • Store. Nothing there yet except for a teaser, but I’ll soon have recordings and publications available for purchase.
  • Contact page. Easily get in touch with me or my manager.
  • Press kit.  It’s in the “Contact” area. Download reviews, biographies, headshots, etc. (Want a hard copy? Let me know.)
  • Newsletter. Hard to believe, but I do more than just play the piano. I enjoy teaching and interacting with other musicians and students. From time to time, I’ll be sharing some thoughts on things musical and otherwise. Sign up! Do it! Do it now!

(We are launching this site a few days early, so there are still a few bugs to work out. I asked the designers to implement some very complex features into my site, and they’ll take care of them in no time.)

I would like to thank my friends and family for their support and assistance.  My wife Meryl has been by my side for ten wonderful years of marriage, and we’re even more excited about the next ten.  Also, a big “Thank you” to my dad who is always thinking about my music and my career.  He always has fresh, “out-of-the-box” ideas.  In fact, he inspired both the content and title of my forthcoming CD.

Finally, I would like to thank the fantastic team at Ploc Media for creating this site.  They are absolute professionals.  Their communication was prompt and easy to understand, and I remain very impressed with their work ethic and diligence to the project.  I would recommend them without reservation.  They’re based in England (a long way away from the USA), but don’t let their proximity worry you.  They are only an email away. 

Enjoy your stay!