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My summer ’08 was one of anticipation and focus.  Each day has been a step towards a major refresh of my career.  From new headshots, a new manager, updated website, updated press kit, online calendar of performances (yay!), completion of my Doctorate from UMD, to a debut CD project (to be released Spring 2009), I hope we can all agree that exciting things are happening.


  • MP3 player! Built into the site! Just hit play and enjoy some music for a few hours. You can also launch it in a separate window. If you like a particular track, you can download it. All free. Very cool.
  • Calendar!  I had a calendar on my old site, but it took forever to edit anything. I’ll be updating my performances as they roll in.
  • Blog.  I write words. You read them.  You write words.  I read them.  (Yes, you can contribute, too!  Add a comment!) RSS feed enabled!
  • Store. Nothing there yet except for a teaser, but I’ll soon have recordings and publications available for purchase.
  • Contact page. Easily get in touch with me or my manager.
  • Press kit.  It’s in the “Contact” area. Download reviews, biographies, headshots, etc. (Want a hard copy? Let me know.)
  • Newsletter. Hard to believe, but I do more than just play the piano. I enjoy teaching and interacting with other musicians and students. From time to time, I’ll be sharing some thoughts on things musical and otherwise. Sign up! Do it! Do it now!

(We are launching this site a few days early, so there are still a few bugs to work out. I asked the designers to implement some very complex features into my site, and they’ll take care of them in no time.)

I would like to thank my friends and family for their support and assistance.  My wife Meryl has been by my side for ten wonderful years of marriage, and we’re even more excited about the next ten.  Also, a big “Thank you” to my dad who is always thinking about my music and my career.  He always has fresh, “out-of-the-box” ideas.  In fact, he inspired both the content and title of my forthcoming CD.

Finally, I would like to thank the fantastic team at Ploc Media for creating this site.  They are absolute professionals.  Their communication was prompt and easy to understand, and I remain very impressed with their work ethic and diligence to the project.  I would recommend them without reservation.  They’re based in England (a long way away from the USA), but don’t let their proximity worry you.  They are only an email away. 

Enjoy your stay!


  • Meryl

    Here’s wishing your new website great success bebe! I love you and I’m proud of you.

  • Beautiful template!

  • Jono

    Found your website via Faveup, beautifully designed, congrats for having such a wonderful piece of art.

    Also loving the music, you’ve been bookmarked so I’ll be listening to your tracks when i get the chance.

  • Her Holiness and keeper of the tablets

    Great looking site! What, no Scarlatti or Atkins? Love to you and Meryl.
    I’ll see if I can get your dad to come up with some more quotes! Faaabulous idea.

  • Leland Peck

    A student of mine was asking about the Godowsky-Chopin Etudes and I thought of your website immediately. (Incidentally, the new site looks great!). A couple of summers ago, Anne Koscielny, was telling me all about you and directed me to your web site. I was thrilled with your performances. I could hear the influence of our teacher, Cecile Genhart, in your work – via Anne. Do you ever get to the Tampa-St. Petersburg area? You must come here to perform!!. Great work.
    Leland Peck

  • Hello Leland. Actually, yes – I am giving a master class and playing in Bradenton, FL next February 15. (It’s on the calendar already.) I’ll be sure to put some Godowsky on the program. RH

  • Your Mother-in-law

    So glad the new site is up and functioning. It looks great! I know it’s taken a lot of work to get it done. I’ve told lots of my Sweet Adeline friends about it so, hopefully, they will visit the site and check the calendar for local performances.

  • David

    Nice web-digs! I’ll be keeping up with the blog for sure. Hope you and Meryl are well.

  • David Chapman

    Sorry, should have listed my last name with my previous comment.

  • The new site looks great!, the people at Ploc Media are professional for sure and the fact that you opted for WordPress made my day 🙂

  • Mitch and Debbie Block

    Your new site is beautiful! Now we can visit you without driving all the way up to your house, although we miss those wonderful drives and we miss bringing Erin for her fabulous lessons with you. Thank you for helping her to reach for higher ground in her growth as a musician. We will see you soon!

  • Wow, I greatly enjoyed listening to the music. I know it is a little late but congratulations on such a rewarding career.

  • Wonderfull site!

  • Even my mom liked it:))

  • Robert,
    I and my wife Ann are your Sharp Mountain Preserve neighbors. We live at the end of Sharp View Lane, just past the second speed bump. And Dr. Meryl is my pharmacist!

    I enjoyed visiting your website and hearing you play, and are proud to have such accomplished neighbors. (I labored for years to try to learn to play the guitar and piano, but eventually gave up…. My grandfather was a professional flautist, recorded with the Edison Phonograph Company and played in Sousa’s band for two years. My dad was a bass violin player, earned money on weekends doing weddings, dances and bar-mitzvays. But unfortunately they didn’t start me with an instrument early enough in life.)


    Bob Rose

  • Beautiful website and beautiful music!

  • Kathleen Sarkisian

    Hi. I too was given an Everett when I was a child. It was one of the best days of my life when I came home from school and there it was. I had been playing on an ancient upright until my parents decided I was serious about learning classical piano. Your web site is awesome and I love your piano playing. I’ll be checking in to see what’s going on with you.
    Kathleen Sarkisian

  • Leland Peck

    Thanks, Robert, for a thrilling concert yesterday in Bradenton. Hope you can get to this area again soon. St Petersburg College should definately be a prospect for you to consider. Have your manager check them out. There’s a beautiful concert hall, and 2 Steinway concert grands.